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When I began attending Shauna's classes a little over a year ago, I noticed the quality of my practice transform. Every aspect of her class is incredible-beautifully planned and always infused with her inspiring insight that I carry with me off the mat "where the real work is". I am so grateful for her continual encouragement and for always challenging me to grow. Thank you Shauna for your beautiful, generous spirit. I am filled with love, respect and so much gratitude. Namaste. 
~Suzanne Koren



Greg Redman.jpgI started taking classes with Shauna two years ago after being introduced to her by another first class instructor. I was still very “fresh” to yoga and have to admit that my idea of yoga was that it would be more a meditative and spiritual experience, than a true physical workout. I knew half way through my first class with Shauna that I was dead wrong. It was an amazing workout, and ever since I try my best to get into her classes.The classes are well structured and flow seamlessly to challenge the newbies like myself to the superstars. Most importantly she always makes the classes fun.
~Greg Redman


Eight years ago yoga became one of the many beloved physical activities I had to give up due to a progressive persistent nerve pain condition resulting from a small but life changing car accident. Desperately wanting to once again feel the sense of physical and psychological strength that comes with yoga practice, about two years ago I tentatively returned to yoga. At first I was frustrated, self conscious, and impatient with myself and my body. I wanted to give up, walk out, shout out, or cry many times over the first few months. Thankfully Shauna has a very special way of making everyone feel comfortable, welcome, and cared for. She makes us laugh, and encourages us to accept our unique challenges whilst pushing to our edge & finding the courage to try new things. With Shauna's help I felt safe making adaptations to the asanas and stopped caring or believing that I wasn't as "good" as everyone else or as I used to be. I love her Vinyasa Flow class as it's a perfect combination of movement and breath with challenging strength, posture, and balance. This is definitely not the gentle yoga for broken bodies I thought I would be doing, and it sure feels fantastic that it's not!!! Thanks to Shauna's teachings & the energy she creates in the studio, I've found the fun in yoga again, something I didn't believe possible!  Yoga has helped me exponentially in managing my pain both physically and psychologically & has been a large part of learning to get back in my body.  I walk out of Shauna's class a little taller, a lot stronger, and a bit more confident every time. And always with a smile, especially on the mornings when I question if I can make it through. Thank you Shauna!  
~Laura Cavicchi

christina.jpgYou've not only given me a great workout but given me tools to help in my day to day. You help me deal with "my shit"! Your words not only motivate but inspire. I always look forward to your classes. It's the only time in the day that I can tune into me!!!  
~Christina Henderson




You're simply the best. Your wisdom and reminders to leave my "shit" at the door and push boundaries have been invaluable on and off my mat. The practice is intense but you also remind me to not take it too seriously, to push myself but with no expectations of outcome. I have practiced with many other teachers, and rarely have I found a teacher who has such an impact on me. I am so thankful our paths have crossed and I have been able to practice with you. Namaste.  
~Angela Thwaites


Shauna brings honesty and humour to every yoga class. Her honesty helps me check-in with myself and her humour reminds me not to take it all too seriously! Each time I’m on the mat with Shauna I know I’m in for a fun and challenging practice. I leave with a smile on the outside and a spark on the inside. Thank you Shauna. 
~Ashley Machum Hutton




On reflection, I know that I was an angry and lost person two years ago. It has been a journey in serendipity & destiny. I found Shauna on a lark and ran w/ it. Since meeting, she has been nothing but a blessing, a friend, and regarded as a sister. I once was angry, and yes I still get disgruntled, but I've learned how to return to my natural way of being. Honest. Authentic. Kind. I now know Ahimsa, Satya & Asteya. My yamas & my truth. Through her classes, I've been able to see my growth week by week. I've listened to Miss Shauna's numerous, insightful stories ( + her 's' bombs). Many of which have touched my soul. Some begrudgingly. I've not been the greatest student & resistant to change, but she always encouraged me to be very flavourful & present. I've gained perspective, flexibility, & 15lbs of upper back/ shoulder mass due to her loving chatturangas & dolphin-planks. Yes, you can gain strength & muscle w/ yoga!
This is rare for me to say, but she has become my spiritual life partner and respected sister. I want to laugh w/ her until we're both 100.

amy.jpgI enjoy your balance of words encouragement, yet you challenge me as your student. You have an amazing ability to push me to my edge to try new poses 'be" where is shaky and intense! You are a great teacher in the yoga community because make yoga unpretentious, humorous and a fantastic workout!! You make me want to keep evolving in this practice. It is now a part of my life where i find my own personal solace...thank u! If I’m at oranj and you're teaching, Im sure to be in your class! Thanks for all the knowledge, and perspective!!! Thanks for being an amazing teacher!
Amy Matson

Vanessa.JPGI have taken quite a few of Shauna's classes and what I really like about them is the element of fun that they have. I'm all about having fun and Shauna is always keeping things light and fun so that you don't take yourself too seriously. She always encourages you to try new things but she also encourages you to stop, take a break if necessary and to not beat yourself up over it. I feel safe and comfortable taking her classes as I know there will be no judgement and I will leave feeling like I had a great time!!
~Vanessa Rejc

Laura M.jpgShauna Nyrose is a one of a kind yoga teacher. She brings an honesty and humour to her yoga classes that make them fun and unique. Shauna has a very strong asana practice, yet also understands and advocates that yoga goes far beyond what happens on the mat. She always encourages and supports her students in reaching their goals in yoga and in life.
~Laura Mortensen