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Oh that OPTIMYSTIC tank!
I am a brand ambassador, a 'Luminary' for Inner Fire, a Vancouver based lifestyle apparel brand whose core values are very much in alignment with my own.  I first met owner Leah Emmot over three years ago at Wanderlust and I just loved what she was doing.  I have been wearing Inner Fire ever since.  Watching this small, ethically based start-up grow into the international brand it is today has been so awesome.  

'Our intention is to create designs that make people smile, laugh and feel inspired…. Our leggings are locally made from recycled water bottles and are BPA free. Our garments are sweatshop-free and are made in North America (Vancouver to be exact!). Our shirts are all hand printed with love in our small studio. We believe in giving back to our greater global community through philanthropic initiatives.'  

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wave physio

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As a former gynmast, athlete and having had two babies, I've had my share of 'stuff'.  I've also had to learn the hard way about how yoga can both hurt and heal.  Thankfully, Greg Redman, a renowned Sports Physio and owner at Wave, wandered into my class a few years ago.  Since then we've had a great partnership, even putting together yoga video's for his athletes competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. If you are in pain, don't suffer.  See Wave.


Wave Physio

nurturing touch massage

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To say that I adore this woman would be an understatement. I met Tara O'Kane in my yoga class and then learned she was an extraordinary RMT.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, strong but also gentle and energetically sensitive which I LOVE.  Tara is different.  It's not just about muscles and release.  She has a deeper awareness about why and how we hold tension.  And this makes her brilliant.  

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Nurturing Touch Massage

fluidity massage


Do NOT be fooled by this little ladies stature.  She is a powerhouse RMT. Kaitlynn Fleury is a walking contradiction, tiny and sweet, but get up on her table and you know who is boss.  She is so good.  While it may not always be fun, it is well worth the investment.  Kaitlynn and I also co-facilitate teacher trainings with Oranj Fitness (she does anatomy of course), and she is a wonderful yoga teacher. 

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Fluidity Massage