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9:15am Rise & Shine Vinyasa @ Oranj Fitness.

9:15am Rise & Shine Vinyasa @ Oranj Fitness.


Class Descriptions:


A sweet flowing yoga practice designed to build heat, open and energize the body, heart and mind. Moving fluidly from one posture to the next, with time to breathe and go deeper, poses are intentionally sequenced to increase flexibility in those pesky tights spots, the hips and the hamstrings and build strength through the core. The majority of the class is standing poses with some sequences being seated and lying down. This class will also entail a more cardiovascular aspect to it. Leave feeling energized, spacious and wonderfully centered.


With a specific focus on the arms, back, shoulders and the core, this flow class is excellent for building strength in the mid & upper body. After a moderately paced flow to warm up, we settle into specific sequences/ poses to build flexibility, strength and stability in the often neglected regions above the waist! A class for all-levels to build an integrated, balanced practice.

GUITAR FLOW w/ Dagan Braund-Read

This class will delight all your senses and tap into your creativity. You'll flow through a graceful series of postures and then settle into beautiful restoration, all while being serenaded to live guitar played in tune with our every ebb and flow. Be sure to sign up in advance for this popular class.


A medium intensity flow class primarily addressing alignment in the foundation poses of common Vinyasa sequences and sun salutations. Move through a traditional flow sequence holding postures longer to build strength and flexibility, while learning proper alignment. This class is excellent for all levels, with variations being offered for beginners and intermediate yogi’s.


Inspired by the primary sequence, this power flow class builds on the strong foundations built in Foundation Flow classes. Take your practice to the next level, challenge yourself every week with this set sequence of postures and watch your practice transform. Build strength and flexibility in this moving meditation with a strong emphasis on breath integration. Use of props and appropriate modifications for newer students and as well as options for advancing practitioners. Some yoga experience recommended.


This light-hearted vinyasa class will set you up for a great weekend. Shake off the work week with an energetic flow, infused with playful poses designed to challenge you and encourage you to ‘let go’ and enjoy the adventure. Let’s turn up the fun (and the music!), smile together and get our Happy Hour on, yogi style!